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HRC Healthcare Launches Global Smart Health ID Card

Healthcare division of UK based Helix Research Center Ltd has launched a Global Health Smart ID Card that can Store Medical Data

LONDON - March 9, 2017 - Rezul -- HRC Healthcare (HRCH) is a Global Healthcare Services division of UK based Helix Research Center Ltd,established to promote Preventive Healthcare ,E Health ,Continuing Medical Education etc in Europe ,North America ,Latin America,Caribbean,Middle East,Africa regions.Inroder to offer discounts on its Healthcare Services ,HRC Healthcare has launched a Global Smart Health ID Card .

The Global Smart Health ID Card launched by HRCH is a Contact/Contactless Smart Card which can be customised  as an ID Card ,Payment Card,Access Card ,etc besides storing important data such as Biometrics,Medical Information etc.
Membership of HRC Healthcare is avaiable for Citizens in 190 countries and HRCH has already created to system to provide Healthcare Management services for the high networth families and Enteprises in 90+ countries .

HRC Healthcare is actively seeking collaboration with Global Insurance companies,Hospitals,Pharmacies ,Diagnostic Labs,Educational Institutions,Multinational companies of any sector,Voluntary Organisations ,UN Bodies and Government Agencies to promote its Global Smart Health ID card and Preventive & Curative Healthcare in general .

HRC Healthcare is looking for Distribution partners for its Products and Services in 130+ countries

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