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Brownfields and Landfills Needed Immediately for Solar Development in Massachusetts

Brownfield Listings issues a "site search alert" for potential properties to develop solar energy production in Massachusetts on brownfields and landfills in 2017.

CHICAGO - March 6, 2017 - Rezul -- Brownfield Listings is excited to announce that Massachusetts is about to get a bit brighter thanks to the recent extension of the Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC-II) program by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources—in advance of the final program design for a successor program that will take its place.  This lights the way for solar projects across the state to get started in 2017. And it will add an extra shine to this spring's construction season as projects fire up to file for their credits as soon as possible.

Since its inception, the SREC II program has triggered more than 1.6 GW of solar development in Massachusetts and supported thousands of local jobs, economic investments, and contributed to a healthier people and more sustainable environment. The proposal for Massachusetts' solar program replacement provides incentives in far more areas, which have been limited to certain narrow land types, e.g. landfills and brownfields, although brownfields and landfills would still qualify for the most incentives.
Now and immediately, however, the SREC-II extension is raising the demand for brownfield and landfill acres across the state of Massachusetts.  Any property with a "release tracking number" (RTN) issued by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP) could be a prospect for brightfield development.  Solar developers are actively searching for opportunities in three basic scales:

• 1+ acre
• 5+ acres
• 20+ acres

Small projects may only be suitable for certain solar development models, such as a community solar installation or solar gardens. Specific site suitability varies on many different factors including location, grid connectivity, local electricity prices, technology and also depends on the specific developer.  Some developers, for example, are looking for unremediated sites to clean them up and develop solar in sync.

Listing a property in BL's open solar feature ( is an easy and effective means to see what the market makes of your site's solar potential.
Due to the limited extension of the SREC-II program this year, time for due diligence and construction, the window for this site search is very small. Potential brightfield opportunities in Massachusetts will be identified and qualified very quickly.

Contact the BL Team at to respond to this alert. At your request, we can hold your inquiry in confidence.

List any 1+ acre brownfield, mine site, closed landfill, pre-closure landfill, pre-remediation site, at no cost in the Brightfield Portfolio today!


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Source: Brownfield Listings, LLC

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