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Scandinavian wallpaper presents Arkiv Engblad – a piece of modern wallpaper history

As a tribute to its remarkable wallpaper heritage of modern and stylish patterns which has been a trademark for over 170 years, Engblad & Co is introducing a collection of historic prints from its one-of-a-kind archive.

NEW YORK - Feb. 20, 2017 - Rezul -- Arkiv Engblad is a collection of prints from one of Sweden's oldest wallpaper brands. This is the launch collection following the reclaim of its old name: Engblad & Co. The collection features 14 historical patterns from the most contemporary periods of all times.
- The wallpapers are carefully selected and updated to feel just as natural now as back then, explains Ingela Wingborg, responsible designer at Engblad & Co. They reflect the stylish interiors of today without compromising on the relaxed and welcoming feeling you want to be greeted by when you walk into a room.

Arkiv Engblad is not only a piece of modern wallpaper history, it pays tribute to the inherent qualities of wallpapers bringing out the depth, lustre and warmth in a room.

The collection features 47 prints, including 14 patterns.

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